Duplicate stitches and doubleface knitting?

Hi everyone,

I’ve got a short question for you. Sorry in advance for any language mistakes - English is not my native language - but as most knitting patterns I plan to work with in the next time are in English, I thought I might as well try to learn all necessary vocabulary right now.

As soon as my current project is finished (why on earth did I ever want to knit a jumper?), I’m planning to start on a scarf again, with quite a bit of embroidery. But given that it’s a scarf, that wouldn’t look too nice - which is why I’m thinking about doubleface knitting. The scarf will be mainly black and white - so that shouldn’t be a problem. But there are certain parts that include some more colours, unfortunateley. I’ve watched a youtube video doing doubleface knitting with 4 colours - given that I’ll be working with 8 or 9 colours, I doubt that I’d ever manage. And duplicate stitches are nice as well.

It’s still a couple of months, and I know that it’s an ambitious project - but it should work. I’ve tried duplicate stitches already on an old sample my mom didn’t need anymore, that’s pretty easy - and doubleface knitting doesn’t look too hard, though I’d certainly try it before actually attempting my real scarf.

Yet I’ve got a question already: Is it possible to actually do duplicate stitches on a doubleface part? I seriously doubt it is easily possible - unless you’re actually doing it immediately, and somehow leaving the loose bits of thread inside? I feel like I’m missing something there… It sounds like a disaster waiting to happen. I really hope that someone on here has already tried something of the sort, and could help me out!

Thanks for your help!
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Hi Helena and welcome to Knitting Help!

By double-face I assume you mean double knit? I’ve never heard double-face before. There are a couple ways you can make something the same on both sides. One is double knitting and other is to knit a tube in the round. The easiest way is probably to knit a tube, but then again I haven’t done much double knitting. I’m also not sure if you are meaning to do fair isle or intarsia?

Do you have a pattern name and a link for the pattern? That would help a lot.

Eh, translation mistake. Sorry! Google translate only helps a bit. We’re calling it double-face in German - I assumed it would be the same in English. Double knit is what I’d like to do.

And I’m actually not planning on either - just usual duplicate stitches. Cause I’m eventually trying to create a “real” Hogwarts crest - with all colours. I like intarsia - but not with 8+ colours. Like http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/hogwarts-school-crest-chart - but a coloured crest. On both sides.

There’s no real pattern that I’ve decided on yet - mainly stocking/stockinette/ whatever the right term might be. I love the idea of having the same picture with inverted colours on the background. It’s mainly me wondering whether you can actually do that with 9 colours without going mad, and duplicate stitches sound like the easiest way for that.

Intarsia is usually done flat, but you can find videos of intarsia in the round, but it all sounds crazy making to me. :joy:

Yes, you can do duplicate stitch on anything. You just need to be careful not to go through to the other side if you’re doing it on double knitting. I don’t think it would be a problem. I’ve not done much duplicate stitch either, but the tutorials and videos I’ve seen look pretty easy.

I like Jan’s idea of knitting a tube better than double knitting. Double knitting is fun to do but tedious. Try a sample though to see what you think, maybe a pot holder size.

hcf, you’re idea of doing the duplicate stitch for some colors after you’ve done a bit of the background scarf will work. You won’t have to work the duplicate stitch immediately but within 3-4 inches of the working needles. You can always leave the ends of the scarf open to give access to duplicate stitch the shield near the ends.

I just did a sweater with an intarsia in the round and it actually came down to short rows. So would knitting flat and seaming up one long side.

Sanity is overrated :stuck_out_tongue: My first knitting project after 3 years was an intarsia scarf with 5 colours - which is why I’ll definitely not be trying to work with more colours. That was definitely madness.

That’s good to know, thanks! Then I’ll continue planning!