Duplicate stitch question!!!!

Hi all!!!

So I’m working on making these mittens for my mom for Christmas :)) I’m working on the duplicate stitch bits right now, but I have a small question! In some places like the insides of the flowers, there is a single stitch in yellow that needs to be done with duplicate stitch. My question is what the best way to go about doing it when it’s just one stitch, and they’re all spaced apart. Should I find a way to carry the yarn between each stitch? I’m afraid if I just make each one it’s own section of yarn it’s going to look bad when I weave in the ends around each stitch.

I hope this all makes sense @__@ Thanks for your help!

Yes, carrying the yarn between the flower centers is a good idea. It looks like you can thread your needle, work one stitch in yellow and then catch a purl loop on your way to the next flower. It’ll be almost like weaving in an end except you’ll only need to catch once, maybe twice between sts.
What a great gift these mittens are! I’ve already added them to my favorites. Thanks for asking about them and giving us the link.

Awesome, thank you so much for the advice! That’s exactly what I’ll do! I think my mom will really like them :smiley: They’re a lot of fun, too, if you ever make them.