Duplicate stitch on the purl side?

I’m knitting a baby afghan in feather and fan, and I’d like to try duplicate stitch on the wrong side for weaving in my ends so it looks neater. Is it possible to do a duplicate stitch on the purl side, and if so, how would I go about it? How about garter stitch?

Duplicate stitch is for the front of an item. To decorate it without having to change colors when knitting. To weave in your ends all you have to do is thread the yarn needle and weave it through the purl bumps. What I do is instead of weaving it in and out within 1 row I just go straight down (whatever you may be knitting then the tail yarn won’t “flip out” of the purl bumps)

That’s how I typically do it, but I’ve just been thinking that duplicate stitch would make it more invisible when the wrong side is going to show.

But I was looking through Knitty’s techniques articles, and lo and behold, I came across this:


Yay! :happydance:


You found the right thing, I was going to share that page with you. I love this method of hiding ends, and once you practice it a little it isn’t hard.

O.K…just watched this[COLOR=#e88787]http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=…dy&view=videos[/COLOR] on weaving…correct me if I am wrong, but I “thought” that you never ever “knot” your work??? Yes she is weaving then “knotting”…how is this method? Anyone do this? Thanks

That’s a new one on me! I never put knots in my work, other than the slip knot I cast on with (and some people don’t even do that), and the knot I end up with on my last bound off stitch.

What made me nervous though was the way she snipped off her starting tail without weaving it in. :noway:

I do like the idea of using the crochet hook to weave around the color work strands, and I’m thinking because she knots around them they wouldn’t poke through to the right side, but on the other hand, in a sweater, that could be annoying to have a bunch of knots against you…:shrug:

I have always adhered to the idea of never making a knot. Then I checked out a library book about Fair Isle work and one of the techniques was to cut all the colors off and tie them in knots. A lot of knots. I was surprised, but it is done. I’ve also had store bought sweaters that were hand made somewhere that had a lot of knots in the back.