Dumb sock question

Hi all,

I’m yet another knitter who is trying socks for the first time. On my first sock, the 2x2 ribbed cuff is now long enough to divide for the heel, but I didn’t place a marker at the beginning of the round when I started. So I can’t really tell which needle to stop at so I can divide for the heel. Is there a way (besides trying to count the rows) of telling where the beginning of the round is based on the position of my tail yarn? I cast on using the long-tail method, and then worked that tail into the first round for a few stitches. Thanks!


It’s not totally critical that you are exact. If you are using 4 needles with 1/2 on one, 1/4 on one and 1/4 the other, just make the one with 1/2 the stitches the heel.

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