Dumb sock ? of the day

I am already working on the heel for the sock I started today. :cheering: I noticed that when I’m doing the k1, sl1 part that my slipped stitches are twisted on my needle when I go to purl them… like when I was doing the “backwards” purl on the ribbing. I checked my pattern and it doesn’t say to slip knitwise or purlwise… just to slip. And it also doesn’t say anything about purling though the back loop either. I never noticed this in my previous socks, but I may have not been paying close enough attention… just worried about the short rows that were next! :roflhard:

Now here’s my question. Am I supposed to slip my knit stitches purlwise? OR am I supposed to purl my slipped stitches through the back loop? OR am I just supposed to “ignore” it all, and the twisted stitches are supposed to be that way to make the heel thicker {or sumthin}? :?? :thinking:


Silver’s Sock Class says: slip as if to purl :smiley:

Thanks a bunch. :inlove: That’s what I have been doing for this sock. I wasn’t too worried since it’s for a {nearly} four year old that doesn’t wear socks anyway! :roflhard: Strange that the patterns I have here in front of me from Bernat and Patons don’t say anything about that. Now I will know for when I make the other socks.

1 sock ½ down… only 7½ more to go… :shock: