Dumb questions about socks

I’ve been reading the threads on socks, and how so many of you are knitting them.
Do you wear these socks as slippers, or do you wear use them everyday inside your shoes. I would like to try and knit a pair. I told you it was a dumb question!

No question is a dumb question. I wear my socks as socks. I wear them with birkis or with crocs or with my birki closed toe sandals or with clogs (ya know so other people can see them :smiley: ). I have made some slipper socks out of bigger yarn on size 6 dpn’s, but mostly I work with fingering weight yarn on size 0-3 needles. I love the way they feel and they are so groovy!

Socks are just so cool to knit. They probably cost a little more then regular store bought socks but they are LUSCIOUS if you make them out of some beautiful wool. I’ve made 4 pairs so far. My husband can’t take his off, they’re big green socks made out of Donegal (Irish) wool and he loves them to death. They conform to your feet really nicely and are oh so warm.

Of course, I should admit I’ve a real problem with the one I’ve just been making coz I didn’t like the toe closing (too pointy as posted here in another place) so you have to learn what you like about a sock and you can make it to conform to YOUR foot. Anyhow, I will wear these pretty blue socks all the time, with shoes and without.

There’s just so many variations you can do, striped or weird colors… I’m looking forward to doing some hearts or a message around the ankle.
Plus, they’re easy to take with you on the road … it’s a small amount to be toting around. What else can I say?

I love sock making. Although they can be a p in the a. Sometimes.

thanks for replying! I just starting knitting, have made scarves and a sweater. I’m hooked on knitting…and I’ll have to try to knit socks. DPN’s scare me. But I’ll try to make a pair of socks. The worst that can happen is that they’ll end up in the trash!

Is there a specific type of yarn that you have to buy to make socks?

Well, there are “sock yarns”, like these at KP–but your choice depends at least, in part, on the kind of socks you want to make–dressy, thick and warm, sporty–it’s all up to you!

I’m in the “thick and warm” mood lately, so I use wool/acrylic–it’s important to me that I can throw them in the wash with everything else. I’ve been using Lion Brand Wool-Ease, and I really like it. It knits well, and it washes well: it gets really soft in the wash–much softer than the yarn feels to the touch when on the skein. And the socks aren’t too thick to wear with shoes, and they are very comfy–plus, at least for me, no sweaty feet!

Now there are many yarn snobs who prefer other brands, and I’m sure they’ll post their preferences, too! I’m just too poor to be a yarn snob! :smiley: Champagne tastes on a beer budget and all that!


I just started knitting socks myself and am entirely hooked on them. I started with worsted weight and size 7 dpns…didn’t make the cuff long because I figured that yarn was too thick to fit in shoes so gave my mom the first pair for keeping her feet warm in bed. Now have some sock yarn and man is it thin! and using size 2 dpns…I’m going to need new glasses :roflhard: I had never used dpns before. Once I got used to them I had to wonder why I was so afraid of them.

Happy Socking :smiley:

If you want thin socks on a thin budget, I can fully recommend Bernat Sox. It’s an acrylic/nylon blend that is very forgiving to newbies, and the self-stripers turn out nicely {except the army hot I tried making for my DH :crying: }. I’ve made several pairs for my kids, and they wear and wash well. The pattern that is on the label is really easy to follow too.

Just my 2¢ CAN,

BTW: I’m waving down the Red River to ya… howdy neighbour!!!

Yup! It will take you some time to get used to the dpns, the beginning is the worst (then the 2nd time and 3rd time) but after that it’s a breeze! ha ha
The hardest part abought dpns is the very beginning round, that takes perserverence and patience and if you don’t get it at first put it down and come back when you’re not frustrated.

Like I said, I made my first pair with heavy Donegal tweed. But then I got on sale this stuff called Cleckheaton Country 8 ply ($3 or 4 a skein) and I love it! It’s like middle weight.

I’ve never made socks with size 7, that’s big! I usually use size 3.


I’ve been doing something different with my socks lately. I cast on the stitches with a straight needle {or single dpn}, with one extra stitch. I knit or purl the first row according to the pattern onto the dpns, dividing the stitches up as the pattern calls for. When I get to the last stitch, I slip it on to the first needle, making sure my work isn’t twisted. I then proceed with the 2nd row of the pattern, treating the last loop and first loop {which are side-by-side on the first needle} as one stitch {k2tog or p2tog, etc}. I have found this a much easier way to divide up my work on to the various needles, and easier to keep my work from twisting since I have the first row already stitched. The small gap that’s left at the top of the sock, gets closed up when I weave in the yarn tail.

Thanks for all your info. I’m going to have to get some yarn and dpn’s and start a pair of socks. Hi to you in Winnipeg, nicolethegeek! That’s a neat city. We get up there at least once a year to see friends…not too far away. It’s pretty cold here today, but the sun is shining. Bright off the snow! Back to the socks - I’ll have to find a pattern and figure out the sock size and the size of needle that I’ll need. Can’t imagine knitting with #3’s…pretty small.
Hey, Maybe my friend in Winnipeg could get me the Bernat Sox yarn and needles. They’ll be down here for Christmas. Is there a special store that carries it up there? What size dpn needle do you use with the Bernat Sox yarn? If I have a problem…I’ll get on here and I’m sure I’ll get the help I need. This is an awesome forum. Again, Thanks! Starlight :thumbsup:

I got a bunch of Sox at WM when we put it on clearance. I got the last of the Army Hot that was at Camille’s but she still had a bunch of other colours left the last time I was there. She’s not ordering any more stock since she’s trying to sell the shop; perhaps the new owner will carry it. I know that Michael’s doesn’t carry it, and neither does Ram Wools. Lewiscraft might carry it, I know that I’ve seen Kroy there. I used the 3.25 mm needles that were recommended with the pattern on the label. I think that’s a US 3 {someone please correct me if I’m wrong on that}. You can do a search on Bernat.com to see who carries the Sox in your area or here in Winnipeg.

How many skeins of yarn does it take to make a pair of socks? I’m going to have my friend pick the yarn up for me.

Two balls for a pair of adult’s calf length, one ball for a child’s pair.

O.K.! Again thanks for the info! Happy Holidays!

I’m so happy to see someone else interested in SOCKS…YAY!! If I may suggest, there are several tutorial on the net, one from our own Silver, as you can see here, as well as this one and then there is aLOT of info on this episode & site of the Knitty Gritty show.
I, too, was very, very intimidated by dpns, but got over it after watching the show & reading the tips that are found on these sites. I began using larger dpns (like 6 or 7’s) and worsted wt yarn. Some find tackling sock wt yarn & dpns at the same time overwhelming. Anyway you do it…just do it bc it’s FUN, FUN, FUN :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

I hope I can borrow this thread for a sec and ask all you sock people if you’ve found a pattern for cuff-down knee socks?

You’ll have tons of fun with socks, Starlight!

Rebecca KNOWS socks! :notworthy:

Yes, start with worsted weight, and I highly recommend using the long-tail cast-on–it will save your sanity when working with dpns!

Oh My!! :oo: After looking at the tutorials that you so graciously posted , I DO believe that I’m going to start with worsted weight yarn and larger needles. Do you knit them in worsted weight specifically made for socks, or would any worsted weight yarn work? I have acrylic worsted weight yarn.
I sure hope I can make a pair…right now it looks like a huge mountain to climb!

I knit my first pair with Encore worsted weight, which is 75% acrylic and 25% wool. I wear them in boots or for sleeping. I did wear them with shoes once with no problem, but I can see how that would bother some people’s feet.