Dumb question but

okay i have a question.

i love knitting. but the only thing i can knit are scarves, because its the only thing i know how to actually knit. i really want to learn how to knit purses, but i have no clue. so i went on a website to try and learn how. i came across this one;


so i understand the first two steps, which are;

  • cast on 18 sts

  • work 16 rows St st (or more rows for longer bag)

but for the third step and on, I don’t understand a THING they are talking about. like;;

next (RS) row: K1, K2tog, K12, K2tog, K1

  • next row: P
  • next row: K1, K2 tog, K10, K2tog, K1

i mean, whats that?! haha what are K1, K2tog, P’s, ect? I have no clue what this means. can someone help me?

and also, is there anything else (besides a scarf) that i can make thats really easy?

hats are super easy but these instructions aren’t so bad so far

K1 = knit 1 stitch
k2tog = knit 2 stitches together
P = Purl

Check out the tab up there called “abbreviations explained.” They are in alphabetical order and LOTS of great instructional videos there to help you through! :thumbsup: you can dooooooooooo it!


K12 = knit 12 stitches
K10 = knit 10 stitches


Have you watched the videos here? They are excellent, and have been a huge help to me.

And by the way–NO question is dumb! :wink:

I also love the videos on this site. I hope I always have this site for a good reference, it’s really helpful!


You have come to the right place. I love the videos in this site and the knitters here are kind and helpful. I was happily knitting scarves for over a year. I even knit a hat (from Stitch and Bitch book) where I learned how to knit, purl and decrease!!! :happydance:

I am now working on my first garmet - a fitted tank. This forum has helped me immensely because I have had many questions learning to read the pattern. I also purchased two books -Stitch and Bitch and Teach Yourself Visually, which are handy.

Most importantly, be patient with yourself! I have wanted to pull out my hair a few times but I really love to knit! :heart: BTW, I am almost done with one side of the tank! Yippppppeeee!!!

Ditto on all I have read! :thumbsup: I cannot even remember how many scarves I’ve knit in over a year and now am doing vests and sweaters and hats. :cheering: This site is fabulous. I sat with a book at first as contorted as Houdini trying to hold my hands like the pictures :roflhard: and then found these videos and it was a great day!! :happydance: I keep a print out of the abbreviations in my knitting bag! :thumbsup: I also have a ball of yarn I call my “goofball” which I use when I learn something new from the videos instead of using my “real” project until I get it and then i just unravel “goofball” for the next tutorial!
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Your message put a smile to my face! :wink: BTW, you also gave me a great idea “goof ball” yarn ball… thanks!!! I have a leftover yarn at home I am going to put in my bag. What a great idea!