Dumb question about linking pictures

I can’t figure out how to link pictures on this site. I use shutterfly.com to host all of my pics, and I’ve linked to them before on other sites. I’ve tried using the Img button above, but it doesn’t work. Is there something I’m missing?

go to add attachment box under the box to post and see if you can’t do it that way.

Go to post reply, down below there’s a browse button. Select your picture, add attachment and submit.

yeah what Ingrid said :wink:

But if its too big she’ll have to resize it smaller. If that’s the case just resize it here:


I can add pictures using the attachment box, but that only allows me to add pictures that are saved onto my computer. I would like to figure out how to add pictures in my posts that are saved on a website.

I don’t think we’re supposed to do that without permission from the person who has the pic on their band width. Excuse my terminology if it’s wrong. There’s a post somewhere around there that I just couldn’t find that gives the rules and regs about posting photos.

I found it

if they are your pics you can type and it should come up. this is what i used to do before i figured out how to do it below. i was using photobucket.

Thanks Ingrid. I use Shutterfly to host my pictures and everyone I know has been linking their pictures to them for years. In fact, people told me to use them because they allowed linking. So I decided to find and read their disclaimer after I read your post and was embarrassed to find that they do not allow linking images! :oops: I guess I won’t be doing that anymore.

Thank you Koolbreeze. I have tried doing that with the Img button, but it doesn’t work. I suppose that’s for the best because I just discovered that I wasn’t supposed to be doing that. Oops! :blush: