Dumb felting Q -- SNH and another Q added

I’m making a felted flower…needed a good instant-gratification project…it’s one that calls for knitting, then rolling it into the flower shape and stitching it in place. My question is…do I felt it before or after I form it into the flower shape?? The pattern doesn’t say. :??


I would have to say after. but I might be way off. ~Brooke

I’m kind of wondering if felting it afterward would make it into a big ball of fuzz…LOL…

I need to hold off anyway…my washing machine is broken!! What bad timing!! I started to hand felt it, but wow, it takes for-freaking-ever. :rollseyes:

Also…when felting in the washer…can you felt more than one piece at a time in the same pillowcase bag thingie? Like, if they are different colors will there be errant fibers and the pieces will mess each other up? Or does it not work like that?

(Okay, so that was 3 questions!) :wink:

AHA! = alkalinity (soap), heat and aggitation are what’s needed for felting.

You can felt more than one at a time in a pillowcase (others have said - I’ve never done this). Yes, the fibers will get on everything in the pillowcase, so you might want to only put in like-colored objects.