Dubai Knitters?

Any knitters from Dubai, United Arab Emirates? I feel like I’m the only knitter in this country; if not for KH and all the wonderful members :muah: , I would’ve been one lonely knitter :pout:

no one? :frowning:

Do you have a yarn store? A lot of times they have “knit nights” or some sort of knitting get together where you can knit and meet other knitters.

no we don’t, yarn is sold in craft stores! It’s ok, i still have KH members :slight_smile:

Not sure if you’re still around but there’s someone else now posting from your part of the world.

Hi Susan P.

you mean you’re in Dubai?

yaaaaaaaaaaaay :cheering:

Hey … Salam Ailekum,
I am in Abu Dhabi - I can’t believe there IS another knitter in this country. :muah: Please PM me.
lotsa love


I’m in Dubai!!! Recently started knitting and getting fed up at having no places to buy lovely wool!
Wherabouts in Dubai are you?:lol:

Hi Resa,

I’ll move soon to Dubai, hopefully in September.Probably we can meet sometimes when I’m there. Are you ravelry member ?..there you can find some member live in Dubai.