Dry hands HELP!

My hands are so dry. All the special creams and lotions for hands is about $12.00, and my budget just cant take that for another couple of weeks, but my hands need help now! Anyone know of any cheaper hand repair type of creams or lotions that dont cost $12.00?

Thanks! Oh and I hope everyone is having a happy fourth!

Mane n Tail Hoofmaker is a good lotion.

I also use/prefer Curel. Just the original one. Try your local Walgreens for either of these. (Walgreens.com has both, too.)

Oh, and Burt’s Bee’s is a fantastic line of products. (These might be more than the other two).

Hope this helps. :thumbsup:

Baby lotion is pretty cheap and really nice too.

It may sound odd- but Olive Oil is one of my favorites. I’ll take about a 1/2 tsp warm between my hands and massage/rub into my hands cuticles, etc.
If you’re on your way to the drug store, check out the Sally Hansen products as well. They have some really rich hand creams as well - and I dont think they are more than $5 a piece.

Thanks Ladies, I’ll go with this list and see what they actually have (small town).

Again thanks!

I swear by Avon Moisture thereapy hand cream. It’s a bit thick at first but if your hads are dry it soaks in pretty fast. And look on the web it’s 1.99!

Definitely olive oil and I use the Walmart knock-off Udder Cream. Works good.

Lynda M

St Ives 24 hour Moisture works extremely well. I had a bout of severely dry skin last fall and this gave me the most relief.


I have very dry hands and I work with patients, so I have to wash them a thousand times a day. I have tried everything, and this is what is finally working for me:

  1. Stop using all antibacterial products, including soaps that have it in them. That antibacterial stuff isn’t really good for us anyway and i very drying!! I take my own soap to work because all of the dispensers have antibacterial stuff in them. I just bought some Softsoap refill that has shea butter beads in it and it seems really gentle so far.

  2. Wash your hands in cool water only. Hot water is really drying to skin.

  3. Get some Curel lotion (I like the Original formula best). I have it in almost every room in the house and at work. I love the stuff and swear by its effectiveness to moisturize skin.

Good luck! I know how painful it can be.

Here’s the old fashioned remedy:

Put Vaseline all over your hands, put on some gloves, and wear them overnight.

Eucerin is what the MD prescribed for my son to uses on his eczema. I use it when my hands get real bad. It is over the counter and found at most stores with the other lotions.

I also wanted to give a testimony to the Vaseline method, it works great.

The best thing I’ve ever found is called “Finger Care” and I order it over the internet from Canada. I used to be able to buy it locally, but they quit carrying it.

In the winter, my hands dry out something fierce, and I even get those nasty, painful cracks on my fingers. This cream has things in it that if I put a dab on the spot before I go to bed, it will start to seal over and heal by morning. The jars are small, and cost about $6 a piece, but with this stuff, a little goes a long way.

This worked for me when Curel, Eucerin, Bag Balm, Cornhuskers Lotion, etc. didn’t do a thing. :thumbsup:

I know this will have to wait until payday, it doesn’t come cheap, but it works. Amlactin is an over the counter skin cream, but it’s usually behind the pharmacist’s counter, so you have to ask for it (like Sudafed, Prilosec, all the goodies). If your fingers tend to crack, which is sooooooo ouchie, this stuff will help heal and prevent cracks. It comes in a lotion and a cream, both about $20 for a bottle (THAT’S ouchie, too, but it works!). I prefer the cream, the lotion is rather watery. I find it’s not good to put on during the day while I’m actually knitting, but at night and then once in the morning works wonders. Again, don’t bother with this pricey stuff unless your fingertips get cracked.

I recently discovered Knitter’s Little Helper by Blue Sky Alpacas. It is WONDROUS and I LOVE the smell. It is VERY emolient.

Burt’s Bees also makes a Hand Salve and Hand Repair Kit (worth it if for nothing else than the cuticle cream, it ROCKS) and the Hand Salve is available right now at Burt’s Outlet at a discount price. All of BB’s stuff is VERY rich and you only need a VERY small amount, but it is all VERY effective and they all smell delicious. They are popping up at drugstore chains and you can find them at health food stores too.

This Hempz Moisturizer is also very rich and emolient and smells divine and is an awesome all-over moisturizer and also works well with the gloves and socks trick.