Drops yarn substiution....?

Hi I just discovered a pattern called Angel Falls by DROPS Design. It’s a dress pattern that is knitted in the round and top down…I would love to find a substitute yarn that would be similar in weight but noticed that the Drops brand yarn is not sold in local stores. Any suggestions?

It’s DK weight so all you have to do is find a DK weight yarn. That’s a common weight so it shouldn’t be a problem.

Do you have any suggestions on yarns that are soft, durable after several machine washes, and reasonable in price?

Also i’m just now starting to review the pattern as I like to read it in it’s entirety prior to actually knitting the piece. After completing the “ridge” it requires that I “inc 24 sts evenly on the round”.

Does that mean I would simply perform a M1, 24 times?

If you want it to be machine washable you’ll need to use a superwash wool or acrylic blend. ALWAYS check the labels to be sure. Do you have access to a yarn store? Craft type stores often have yarn, but it’s not always the best quality and not as soft. But all stores are different so they are worth a look.

That being said - I use Berroco Comfort yarn for chemo caps because it’s very soft. It comes in a DK. It can be a bit splitty so be careful if you use it, but it knits up beautifully.
If I think of others I’ll post.

Depends on the pattern. Does it suggest an increase? Sometimes they do. How many did you cast on?

I haven’t started just yet…but the pattern calls me to CO 126 sts (join in the round) and then work as follows for 6 rounds:

K1 round and P1 round.
On last round in garter st inc 24 sts evenly on round- 150 sts.

Where it asks me to inc 24 sts…does that mean I’ll M24 sts or…? Or how would that be achieved?

Here’s a handy dandy increase calculator! I forgot I had it bookmarked. Yes you’ll probably just M1.

Here’s another one-

i’m confused…lol.

You want your increases ~evenly spaced along the stitches on the needle. Jan’s calculator is a good way to estimate how frequently to increase. It’s going to be about every 5 stitches.

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I wonder how long these things have been around?? You are a real Knitting Angel! (New bookmarks for me!)

I looked at the pattern and they have instructions for the increase and it is to use a “yo” that you knit through the back of the loop on the subsequent round to avoid a hole, they actually posted a short video at the bottom of the pattern on how to do this.

If you google substitutes for Drops Karisma yarn, you’ll find many alternatives. DK is a common weight yarn however in order for the pattern to turn out correctly when substituting it is important to match the yarn/wool content and gauge to avoid disappointment after so much work has been put into the project. I’ve used Cascade 220 Superwash, it’s about a 98% match to the Drops yarn