DROPS pattern sucks!

is it me or do the patterns by Drops (you can get them free on ravelry) are very difficult to read?
I am doing the 107-8 top with lace pattern- a simple tank, so I thought- and have frogged it 3 times. First two times because I am having a hard time reading the pattern, the last time because somewhere I got totally waylayed in stitches and messed up in a way I couldn’t figure out or fix.
Needless to say I am frustrated. This pattern is written horribly- in my opinion. Just to give you an idea this is what it starts with:
"Work 3 vertical repeats of M.1 and then 1 vertical repeat of m.2 ( = 1 round)"
How does this equal a round? This is what initially threw me off. I know get what they are saying, but is anyone else thrown by that?

You know, I haven’t done any of the patterns yet, but I DO hate they way they are written! I think if I like something well enough I’d rewrite it myself.

Not sure what the answer to your question is… is it British English or American?

Most of their patterns are British english, but the main problem is the way they’re translated. I’m sure they make sense in Norwegian or swedish, but lose a lot going to english. It takes reading a few, plus looking at the charts and the schematics to figure them out.

i think the original of drop design is in french, maybe the traduction isnt the same or they missed some lines or so but according to me its easy to understand n follow especially if there is a grille of the pattern…try once more

suseeq is right, the translation from norwegian is making these beautiful patterns very difficult. I have a friend that is in her third year of physics degree and she said she managed to figure out a Drops pattern only after applying all her mathematical skills:teehee:

I will not let this pattern get me- I will be starting again today but I agree that something is lost in translation on this pattern. I think its originally written in Norweigan.

What’s worse is that I am not a good chart reader- makes things much slower and for some reason my eyes seem to miss stitches.

Is anyone else on Ravelry making it (or has made it)? Maybe they could offer some advice. I am working on a difficult sweater pattern (and it was in English to begin with, for heaven’s sakes!), and looking at the notes of others on Ravelry who have made it invaluable. Just a thought.

That’s what I’m starting to notice as well, are the “translation” directions. I agree that they can be difficult, especially for a semi-beginner such as myself.

I’m still battling over cable instructions.:aww:

Had the same problems but most of the time (if I read it enough times) the light will go off. I have had luck posting my problem on their site and have been lucky enough that a person who could speak English reponded with help. Bless that women!! Sometimes the pattern is just worth all the problems and sometimes I just look for something similar without going through all the trouble.

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