Drops design flat knit

Hi Does anyone know of any drops design sweater that is flat knit or how to change it to flat knit They have lovely designs but I cannot get the hang of circular knitting.
Its is to use Dk wool …tension 21 sts to 31 rows over 10cm. WENDY FLEUR WOOL . THANKS

I am sorry that I do not have any recommendation because I almost never follow ready patterns. I just wanted to comment something about working in the rounds:
Personally I think working in the rounds is so much easier than working flat. Do not be afraid of working in the rounds, just do a small test to see how it goes! Just do a practice tube and after a few rounds you will have the technique conquered!

The Autumn League pullover by Alexandra Tavel is worked flat and is free. I convert a lot of patterns to flat/ seamed so I can use my knitting machine, but not all patterns are suitable. Sweaters with yokes are too tricky, but anything with a raglan or dropped sleeve is possible. You have to spend a bit of time going through the pattern to rewrite the raglan instructions and it’s more complex if there’s stranded, mosaic, or lace knitting. I generally add an extra stitch each side wherever you need to seam. I work the raglan decreases two stitches in to allow for seaming, and if you have multiple colours, you may then need two extra stitches each side of the seam to ensure a stable edge.
If you look on Ravelry, you can put in multiple search criteria and find a range of patterns that you might like!

Is there a reason why you only want a drops pattern? I was just wondering if it might be easier to find a flat knit pattern if it didn’t have to be drops?

Some of the drops patterns say in the notes on materials and needles that they use circular needles which gives the impression they are knitted in the round, but if you read on through the pattern they turn out to be knitted flat.
Here’s an example

Thank you for all your input.
I have been looking for something flat but everything that appealed to me seemed to be a drops pattern.
I tend to knit watching tv or when I am at work but things are quiet so need things that aren’t demanding and as I have never knit in the round thought it might need concentration.
Thank you

To knit in the round actually requires less concentration as for stockinette you do nothing else than just knit stitches around without any turns or anything extra. No purl, just knit stitches.

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Knitting in the round isn’t difficult. In fact many knitters find it easier to knit that way. Drops patterns are lovely but you have to be a little patient with them. They are translations and sometimes tend to overspecify in an effort to be perfectly clear.
Have you tried a search on Ravelry? I wasn’t sure if you wanted adult or child but here’s the result of one search.

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I’m actually on my first ever circular knit project right now. I was also a little reluctant to change from flat to circulars but I did already have a set of circular needles (needed for a knit flat sweater when I took up knitting this year) which probably made a difference. I think if I hadn’t had the needles already I’d be more reluctant.

It’s a drops summer top I’m doing and honestly it is so easy. Hardest part was casting on one extra stitch to do the (very easy) jogless join in the round at the cast on edge. I watched a video for the join.
The rest has been putting in 4 markers for some decreases, increases (shaping at waist) and literally knitting every round. Can’t tell you how happy I am with it. It’s going like the wind. I’ve never been against seaming up like some knitters but I do have a bit of second side syndrome (like second sock I suppose).
I’ve now reached the arm holes and yoke section which is lace. I did a test piece today as it is also the first time I ever looked at a chart and I was scared. It’s a breeze! The test has come out lovely and I’m ready to crack on with the project.

I’ve made a couple of changes, added a second colour, changed the decrease method to one I prefer the look of, ditto the increase method and ditto a double decrease but those are personal choices and would have been the same choices whether I knit flat or in the round.
Stocking stitch in the round is definitely the TV watchers choice! Ha ha.

Well, good look with the hunt for a pattern you like, or with the decision to give circular knitting a go.


Ok I might give it ago. I will just need to buy some circular needles.
While I am here
Would anyone know of a pattern that looks like this