DROPS design first impression pants



Confused about short rows in the round.


These short rows don’t have a wrap and turn, you simply turn at the designated stitch. The ribbing pattern may hide the tiny hole created by the turn. Tightening the stitch after the turn helps too.

Even though the pattern doesn’t call for it, if you want to work a wrap and turn or German short rows (which use a tightened stitch) you could. Here’s a video for German short rows.


When piece measures (10) 12-13-16-15 (16-17) cm / (4”) 4 ¾”-5”-6¼”-6” (6¼”-6¾”) mid front, inc 1 st on each side of the middle 2 sts front and back – see INCREASE TIP (= 4 sts inc).
Repeat inc every other round (7) 7-7-7-11 (11-11) more times (= (8) 8-8-8-12 (12-12) inc in total) = (120) 128-136-152-176 (184-192) sts. 27-2

I had to start over when I reached this point. I did the increases wrong and messed up the ribbing. I think i can see in the picture how the increases are supposed to work before splitting the legs. But not really confident on how to follow this part of the pattern.


The increase tip recommends increasing as a yarn over and then working the stitch into the back loop on the next round. Work the first and second round of increases as knit sts. This will give you 6 knit sts all together at the center line. On the next 2 increase rounds, work the increases as purls on either side of the center 2 knits. On the next 2 rounds work the increases as knit and so on.

A lifeline may help too so that you don’t have to rip back too far. Put one in before the increases start and then if they don’t look right you can rip back to the lifeline and place the sts back on the needle.

You’re making great progress! Good going.


Thank you, this clears it up 100% for me! I’m 2 increase rounds away from the bind off to start the legs. I’m making preemie size and it looks horribly sloppy but mostly because I’m a new knitter who’s never made anything more advanced than a blanket. There are holes with the increases even though I tried to work through the back loops. Maybe I can do the increases differently with the next pair, increase by knitting in the front and back instead of YO?
There are holes with the short rows too, sho I might try something differently with the next one too, or not and just live with it, lol.


It all counts as experience. I’m sure the pants will be lovely and warm. The baby will appreciate that!


Now I’m at this part:
“When piece measures (15) 17-18-21-22 (23-24) cm / (6”) 6¾”-7”-8¼”-8¾” (9”-9½”) (inc are now done), bind off (12) 12-12-12-16 (16-16) sts mid front and mid back.”

Does it mean 12 stitches mid front and 12 stitches mid back (24 total stitches) or 6 mid front and 6 mid back for 12 total stitches bound off?
I’m pretty sure it means 12 total stitches… Maybe I’m over thinking it?

I did the math :joy: the legs are 48 sts each so 48+48=96 … 120 - 96 = 24 :joy:


The pants are looking great! You’ve really done a very nice job. Yes, there are always lessons learned and things you might do differently the second time around.
Doing the math is a good check. Yea, 12sts front and another 12 sts back.


So far I’ve finished the first leg and now I’m halfway done with the second but don’t have a more recent picture.


The pants look wonderful. Your knitting is nice and even and the shaping is lovely. Well done!


It’s finally done (except weaving in ends)!!!20190117_095431


Yay! The pants looks grand and will be so adorable on a baby. Nicely done.


They fit :heart:


And they look fabulous. What a sweet baby!