Dropping the Stitch

I am following a pattern that says K1, drop the wrapped st off the needle. I understand knit one but not completely sure how to do the next part. :knitting:

Look at the previous row. There should be a direction there to “wrap the yarn around the needle”. Then on the current row, you 'lol drop that extra wrap.
It might be like this or it might be a variation on this stitch.
Can you quote the previous row.for us? Not the entire pattern but just the row before the drop wrap row.

The previous row says: k1, wyrn and repeat to last stitch.

Ok, yes. That’s knit one, wrap yarn round needle. That wrap around the needle is the wrap that you’ll drop on the netxt row. This is also a way to yarn over. Bring the yarn to the front between the needles and then over the right needle to the back. You’re then ready to knit the next stitch.
Your pattern may well have a stitch glossary that includes directions for precisely this wyrn. Check the initial directions, the end of the pattern and also look for a listing at the beginning or end of your book. You can make sure exactly how many times to wrap the yarn that way.

After you asked what the row before was it finally clicked with me! Thanks so much. :cheering:

I just love those aha moments in knitting when it finally comes together for me. They feel so good.