Dropping purls

Hello, Ladies, I am old, and new to knitting. Mom taught me 50 years ago and I picked it up again 2 years ago. I am stuck on a pattern and my knitting store has closed up! I have no local rescources and wonder if anyone can point me in the right direction.
I am knitting a shrug , and have worked all the way to the cuff on the end side. This is whee I am dicey: it asks me to K1P1 across and ‘drop’ all purl sts. Well, I did that but saved the dropped stitches on a piece on string. I am about to bind off and now it says to take dropped purl sts amd run to the ribbing at the other end, the YO sts in the 1st row keeps them from running into the ribbing, on that side. Does it mean pull out those sts? Thank you, PatsyGrace

yes that is just what it meen. You will be unravelling the columns of purl stitches down to the YOs. Thsi will give you a lacely ladderes effect in between the columns of knit stitches.

Dear Sophie, Thank you so much for your help, I’m off to finish up, Patsy Grace

That sounds like an interesting pattern. I’m sure we would love to see a picture when you are finished…I know I would!


Welcome, I’m kinda new at knitting too. Gotta start somewhere.
I have seen where you drop stitches however that’s usually yo then you drop and it makes a ladder stitch, but never saw k1p1 then drop p, it seems like you would have a pull on the garment. Where did you get the pattern maybe if I look at it I can help.

There’s a few patterns that use this technique. Sunday market shawl, surprise scarf, Clapotis… The base of the dropped stitch is a yo, so the stitch runs (just like a run in a stocking) down to there. Though I’ve done it without the YO and it just stops at the CO. The stitches on either side keep it from falling apart.

Hi PatsyGrace! :waving: Is the pattern on line somewhere or is there a photo available? I’d love to see what it looks like.

No not on line, it is called Encore Worsted Lacey Shrug by Plymouth Yarn, Design Studio. I hope to post a picture, we’ll see, Thanks, Patsy Grace

It sounds scarey, but here I go! Thanks, Patsy Grace

There’s a scarf in One Skein Wonders which does something similar. The result is quite pretty! I’m glad we helped you figure it out.