Dropped stitches~pattern help!

hey ladies i got i real quick question abt wat this pattern is trying to say. here is word for word wat it says:

openwork pattern in the round
(multipule of 4 sts, 4 rnd repeat)


rnd 2: [B]*slip next 4 sts to the rite hand needle, dropping extra wraps, slip them back to the left hand needle, then k4tog, p4tog into these 4 sts; repeat from * [/B] [[I]note: st count will be half after this rnd.[/I]

rnd 3: *k1, YO; repeat from * [[I]note: original st count restored[/I]

rnd 4: knit

ok. the section in bold is where im getting lost on. i read up and some knitting patterns do the extra wraps BETWEEN stitches and some do like 2 stitches in one knit stitches. btw the cast on is 32 so i divided it 8, 8, 8, and 8 on double pointed needles. i think where im getting lost at is wat they mean ORIGINAL sts. does that mean all 8? or all 4?~cuz it say mult of 4 stitches! i figured the wraps had to be BETWEEN the sts. to come back to 8 stiches in the end. HELP!!!
THANKS SO MUCH! :thumbsup:


I have a pattern that’s very similar and I have been winding the yarn between the k sts. I’m thinking the original number of stitches is what you cast on.

My biggest problem is that the dropped stitches are so loose and messy (I’m using Lace Malabrigo yarn)…so different than the what the end product is suppose to be. DOES ANYONE HAVE ANY TIPS FOR ME? I’ve tried winding the yarn tighter on the needle and it’s not working.

Flux :O)

When you make a regular knit st, you wrap the yarn around the needle once, this has you doing that twice, then on the next row, slip them to the right needle, dropping one of the loops off each stitch, then puth them back onto the left needle. Knit them all together which will be easy since they’re loose, but leave them on the left needle, bring your yarn to the front and purl into all of them. You’re going to lose half your sts as it says.

Say you cast on 16 sts, then on row 2 you’re going end up with 8, but on row 3, you do a yo between sts to get it back up to 16 - that’s the original stitch count.

ok so i think i get wat ur saying…but when u wrap it around the needle is dat WITHIN the knit stitch or do u do it between the knit stitches? cuz wat i did was drew it out and make something similiar to this 1[B]12[/B]2[B][I]12[/I][/B] 3[B]12[/B]4[B][I]12[/I][/B] the 12 in itial. will be the one ur drop and that works out to be 4 and 8 on the nxt round (the 12 in bold are the wraps u DONT drop but K tog) is this rite?

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The extra wrap is within the stitch on row 1, but on row 3 you’re going to make a YO/wrap [I]between[/I] stitches. I don’t understand your bolded and italic numbers, sorry. Don’t overthink it, or panic - just knit each stitch on row 1 with an extra wrap, drop the extras on row 2, then add a stitch between sts on row 3.