Dropped Stitches (LOTS!) in Garter

I taught my dd how to knit. She was working on her fingerless mitts when she dropped a few stitches…about 8 rows worth! :gah:

So I took the piece and have been trying to weave the stitches back together with a crochet hook. I can do this if it were 1 or 2 or maybe even 3 stitches but not this many! I need help! :wall: Are there any videos showing how to pick up dropped stitches in garter???

With garter you have to remember that even though you are knitting one side is still a purl when picking up dropped stitches. So that means back and forth on front and back as you go up the work.

It may not look smooth after going that far down because she’s already blended the stitches over the missed ones. You might be better off ripping back.

Thanks! What makes it even worse is that my dd used a variegated yarn so it’s so hard to tell which stitch is what! This is going to take me a while to figure out!