Dropped stitch hole??

I’ve knitted a 60x60 3 strand Lion Brand homespun Thick and Quick afghan for my FIL, but I’ve got a goofy gap mistake in it! I think I thought I had fixed a dropped stitch, but obviously I wasn’t successful in my endeavor. Wish you could tell me how to best camouflage this boo boo.

Can you post a picture of the spot with the hole? Don’t take the picture too close because it can be too hard to see and often blurry.

Thick and Quick is pretty easy to camouflage. Take a piece of the same yarn and a big-eyed sharp yarn needle, run it through the yarn on the second or third stitch beside the hole, “chase” the yarn through the stitches and across the hole, and follow a couple of stitches on the other side. Bury the end through the yarn and, if you happen to have any, squirt a drop of flexible clear fabric glue on the cut end, preferably by uncovering the end and squeezing the yarn back around it.

Thank you so much for your guidance. I am a newbie and familiar with making mistakes, just not always successful fixing them!

I meant to thank you for responding to my plea for help. I patched it up with a needle and yarn. It washed and dried well. Thanks again.

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