Dropped stitch/hole in finished project

I am brand spanking new at knitting. Teaching myself with the help of knittinghelp.com and I know NO ONE who knits.

I have finished a small simple project and already casted it off. Is that how I say it? And I found 2 small holes, where I dropped a stitch I am assuming. Can I fix it without starting over or taking it apart?

Thank you in advance for any help. I am loving knitting.:cheering:

First of all welcome to KnittingHelp and to knitting.

casted it off. Is that how I say it?
People use cast on and cast off or cast on and bind off. The correct grammar in these situations is hard sometimes. I would say, “I cast it off, or I bound it off”, but I don’t know if that is correct.

What is it that you made? And how particular are you about it looking perfect? If it is a dish cloth I might have different advise than if it was a sweater. Do both sides show or just one? How far back are the errors?

Can you take a picture of your project and post it?

That will help us identify if it is a dropped stitch (in which case it would continue to unravel all the way to the cast on edge if left unfixed), or more likely an accidental ‘yarn forward or yarn over’ that caused an eyelet. This happens when you perform a knit stitch with the yarn in front of your needles instead of in back of the work where it should be.

But like I said if you can show us a picture it would help us identify your mistake.

ittybitty makes a good point. It could just be a yarn over and that at least won’t come apart or anything. Is there a little loop of yarn hanging anywhere off the project, or any running?

I have that same problem…would you be able to help me too?

A picture of your problem will help; that way we’ll know if it’s just a YO that got added, or a dropped stitch.

I didn’t realize it could be a yo. Based on what I pulled apart I had two dropped stitches and 1 yo. But I learned the difference! Now I will pay closer attention as I’m going. It was just a very small project. So I will chalk it up to practice and start over. :knitting: (I made it run pretty far checking it out.) Thanks again.

I had that problem with a scarf I made, and I “fixed” it by taking some of the yarn and with a blunt needle I tried to “lift” the “dropped stitch” with that yarn and … difficult to say.

I weaved in both ends of that extra strand and tried to make it look as if there was no hole … :smiley: