Dropped Stitch but no run above

Hello knitters!

I am pretty new to knitting and am making a jumper (well trying to)… I am knitting the back and have just started to shape the raglan. I should have reduced to 63 stitches but only have 62. Looking at the piece I can see that I have dropped a stitch approximately 14 rows back. My problem is that there isn’t a run or ladder of stitches above it to climb up!? Does anybody know how I have managed to drop this stitch and not leave a run, and more importantly how I retrieve this stitch!? It is a stockinette pattern.

Thanks in advance!


Welcome to KH!
You might have dropped the stitch 13 or 14 rows ago and continued to knit the succeeding rows without it. You can try laddering it up in the strands between stitches as far as you can but there may not be enough space to squeeze it in.
In that case, take a short length of your working yarn and thread it onto a tapestry needle. Pull it through the stitch and than thread one end of the yarn through the front of the strand above and the other end through the back. You want to anchor the dropped stitch to that strand. Weave the ends into the back of the work.
It’ll meld into the knit fabric and won’t be noticeable.

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Thank you for your quick response! I will just sew the stitch into the stitch at the back! The next row is to reduce one stitch at both ends but will just reduce at one end and will be back on track!

Thanks again for your help, very much appreciated!!!