Dropped stitch but no ladder - how to fix?

Hi everyone,

I’m a beginner and I noticed today that I seem to have dropped a stitch but there is also knitting above the dropped stitch - meaning it didn’t create the ‘ladder’ of runs so I’m not quite sure how to fix it or even if I can fix it without having to undo several rows. This stitch is in a part of my project that is garter stitch.

I tried to attach a picture but I’m mobile and the image size is too large. If the problem is too difficult to understand I will try to figure out how to attach a picture. I so appreciate any help!

By the way, a video tutorial answer would be so helpful if possible. I still find written instructions so confusing for knitting.

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You can try to ladder up the dropped stitch as far as you can without it becoming too tight. Then you can fasten off the loop by connecting it to a neighboring stich with a short strand of yarn. That’ll secure it so it doesn’t work free and ladder down any farther.
If it’s not too many rows down, you can ladder it up to the working needle and there you go.
Here’s a video for fixing a dropped stitch in garter:

OMG this just happened to me and I"ve been researching and every single reference shows how to pick up with a ladder BUT I don’t have any!! Just like nessia89 says…yet the answer from you is still “you can ladder up” THERE IS NO LADDER cuz I knit right over the dropped stitch (for about 6 rows) so there is no run!! Any other advise???

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Yes, I understand. My advice was actually to “…ladder up the dropped stitch as far as you can…”

So locate the dropped stitch. If there is space between the 2 adjacent sts on the next row, pull the strand of yarn through the dropped stitch. It may well be that you can only do this for one row or not even a single row. Then thread a short piece of yarn through the dropped stitch and anchor it to the strand above or to an adjacent stitch and weave in the ends.

It’s usually not noticeable. You can add in a stitch at the ends to compensate for the dropped stitch if that’s necessary for your pattern.