Dropped purl stitch

Help!!! I watched the video but its too fast for me. I can’t see what I am doing wrong. But I know I’m stretching the stitch that’s for sure. Can anyone tell me how to do it written so I can attempt it again? Please!!!

If I ever finish this tank… :rofling:

got a crochet hook? turn the piece over so you are looking at the back of the purl you dropped. I’m sure you can see the yarn that is now a bar and used to be the purl stitch. Do you see the loop one row down? Just stick the crochet hook through the loop, snag up the bar and hook it on the needle. Turn the work over and you will see your purl again!

Hi Susan, I’ll try that when I get home (I don’t have a crochet hook here at work). I was knitting on my lunch break. I want to cry!!! I was so upset I took my knitting to the ladies room to see if I could finish it (since it was past the lunch hour) but no luck. I hope I haven’t made it worse!!!

I’ll try your suggestion. Thanks.

The good news is…probably the worst thing that can happen if you can’t fix this right away is the stitch might slip off a few more bars…but, you can easily just bring the run away back up when you have your crochet hook. (Note to self: Keep crochet hook in knitting bag.)

Thanks! I was able to fix the problem. You know how some people have two left feet? I have two left hands!!! :wink: