Dropped marker 1st time working with Circular Needle

Hi, I am knitting a hat and I dropped the marker I had that told me I completed a round. How can I tell now if I started a new round?? I really don’t want to unravel, I think I am on the 11th row!:doh: :gah: HELP!!!

That happens a lot!

If you haven’t woven in your ends, you should still have a piece of yarn hanging from the first stitch you made. Between that stitch and the one on its left is the beginning of the round. Just follow those stitches up till you get to the round you’re on.

Yep, I use the tail from the cast on as a guide. Follow a stitch up to the needle and replace the marker. If you’re just doing stockinette it doesn’t really matter too much, but a pattern could make a difference.

If you are still on the ribbing chances are you began with a knit stitch that will help you with the placement as well. I don’t know where you had the marker, but I [U]always[/U] put the round marker right after the 1st stitch rather than between the last and first. That way I always know the round starts one stitch before the marker, and my marker doesn’t fall off like it would if it was between the last and first. A key word is ‘always’. When it is my habit I have no trouble remembering.