Dropped M1-L stitch a few rows down

Hi ,
I had a problem with a mixed up stitch so I dropped two or three of them a 3 rows down.

I realized one of them was a M1-l stitch after the drop and now I have this very big loop that I am not sure how to rebuild it so the big loop goes away and I can recreate the M1-L stitch as well as the following K or P stitches above it.

I have looked for videos to help this novice … although I am trying … to no avail.
Thanks for any and all help.

You can fix dropped stitches, but I’m not sure there is a way to correct an m1 L stitch. What are you making? Can you rip back a few rows and correct the errors?

Hi and welcome!
Knit to the spot with the missing M1L and go down to the row that needs the increase. Put the loop of the extra yarn over the left needle and knit into the back. From there on it’s a matter of laddering up the stitch or stitches (using the loops of yarn from each row to work the sts) until you’re back to the current row.
This tutorial from the fabulous Techknitter shows you the idea.