Drop Yarn over - PLEASE HELP!

Please help! i’ve only been knitting about 2 weeks and have so far made a bunch of sweaters and hats. I just bought a knitting kit to make a caplet, but am stumped by the pattern directions. This is the pattern:

Pattern B - Filigree
Row 1(RS): k1, y/o, k2tog,y/0, *(k1, y/0) repeat from * until 3 sts remain, k2tog, y/o, k1
Row2(WS): *(k1, drop y/o) repeat from * across the rw, end k1

I have absolutely no idea what it means to drop y/o. Please help! :thinking:

that means don’t knit into the y/o, just slide it off the needle without doing anything to it.

*edit for typing errors… “slide if odd the nittlle” didn’t make sense and i wasn’t sure if it could be deciphered![/size]

thank you sooooo much! :cheering: Now I can get started! i’ll post a picture of the capelet when i’m finished!

can we take a moment for one of these :shock: for the knitter who has knitted a bunch of sweaters and hats in the two weeks they have been knitting? sheeeeeeeeeeeesh :cheering:

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So, this leads me to a question I had about fixing a mistakenly dropped yarn over… at the risk of hijacking the thread… How do you fix it if you don’t realize you did it until later on? I was making a fuzzy Paton’s Bee Mine baby blanket using the Grandma’s favorite dishcloth idea, I dropped a yarn over and due to the nature of the fluffy yarn, well, lets just say… :frog:[size=6][color=blue] ![/color][/size]

The only way to really fix that is to frog it. A dropped yo is a dropped stitch. You can pick it up one by one using a crochet hook, but the adjacent stitches all the way up will be tighter since you have to “borrow” yarn from them to fit in another stitch.

I still frog if I miss a yarn over. There’s really no easy fix.

At least not one that I know of…

Sil, you described just what happened, the other stitches were too tight. In the process of ripping back, ended up frogging the whole thing.
Thanks for your reply :smiley:

I agree. If you drop a regular stitch, it’s fairly easy to get it back. A yarn over, not so much.