Drop-stitch scarf pattern

[FONT=Georgia][SIZE=3][COLOR=royalblue][I]Here’s a photo of the scarf I just finished…[/I][/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
[FONT=Georgia][SIZE=3][COLOR=royalblue][I]The free pattern can be found[SIZE=5] here[/SIZE], and it can be made in any weight of yarn. I knitted this one using KnitPicks Gossamer laceweight merino, in the colorway, BlueJeans (discontinued).[/I][/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]

Oh that is beautiful! Looks perfect, and I love the color. Thanks for posting the link to the pattern.

Oh Dotty, that is such a pretty scarf. You did a wonderful job on it! I love that colour too.

That is beautiful!!!


Beautiful!!! That’s one of my favorite stitch patterns and I have yet to do anything with it! Love yours!

Wow, that’s beautiful! Love the colors. Thanks for posting.

That looks beautiful. Great job. How was the yarn to work with? I have some of that in the pink/mauve color

:inlove: beautiful!!

That scarf is really fabulous. :yay: I love the way the stripped yarn works with the pattern. Excellent job. :thumbsup:

That is absolutely gorgeous! I love the pattern with that colorway.


that’s cute!! I love the yarn color in yours…dang!! Another “to do!!”

This is a beautiful scarf! Way to go!

Wow, that is really beautiful! I love the yarn with that pattern, its perfect for it!


So elegant! Great job, thanks for the pattern!

Beautiful! Love how you set the photo up!


Woahh thats a pretty sweet scarf!! I love it!

I am in shock! I just this morning tried out the Seafoam stitch and here it is beautifully done!

My daughter has a convertible and I want to make her something to wear on her head to keep her hair from getting damaged. (This happened last year.) I think this might be the perfect solution. If I make it long enough she can tie it Princess Grace style.