Drop Stich Scarf

OK…I know this is supposed to be easy but I am having major issues. One side is tighter than the other and the last knit row between dropped stich rows gets pulled up diagonally almost to the next set of knit rows. I have been pulling tight after every stich, which means pulling the needles apart until the yarn is straight and I’m thinking that this is the wrong thing to do. How do I keep the stitches tight (not tight, but you know what I mean) on the needle and have the rows line up as they should, etc.? Any advice on how to do these? Thanks! :wall:

I know that others have had issues with the first dropped stitch of each row in that specific scarf–it will look different than the others. I’m not sure that you need to pull too tightly though; maybe that it causing it to pull up? I would knit with even tension and then maybe you can try to wet it and stretch it out to dry when you’re done. That might even out the stitches a bit.