Drop spindle questions

Hiya, I am just soaking my first ever lot of drop spun yarn (!) and I was wondering whether there was a way to leave yarn on the spindle to come back to it later? I’m only ever going to have little bits of yarn otherwise.

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I bet that @mullerslanefarm will be able to offer advice, please.

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Thanks for the tag, @salmonmac!

Hi @staygold! Welcome to the rabbit hole known as spinning!

Absolutely you can leave yarn on the spindle and come back to it later. Leave a couple of inches of unspun fiber when you wind your spun yarn in the cop (technical term of what the spun yarn on a spindle is called).

When you’re ready to spin again, unwind the fiber and yarn to the length you need, thin the fiber at the end, overlap with new fiber and start spinning!

Tag me if you have other questions.

Happy spinning!


Wahoo! Brilliant! Thanks so much.

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My pleasure