Drop Spindle Q and newby intro

Hey everyone. I just found this place and I’m in love with it already. I’ve read almost every post in spinning. Anyway…

I’ll be going to my first spin class this Saturday. I’m beyond excited. I’m also searching for my first wheel. I’m liking Ashford.

I’ve started using a drop last night. What does it mean I’m doing wrong if the spindle goes the opposite direction? I’m spinning it clockwise and shortly after I start it, the thing goes counter clockwise…Maybe I’m not putting enough “umph” in my spin?

Thanks and any suggestions, advice, etc happily…eagerly accepted.


That just means that it couldn’t spin anymore so it began untwisting. You just catch it, and give it another twirl. :smiley: Good luck with your spinning! But be careful. it is VERY addicting. :stuck_out_tongue: