Drive band falls off

Hi! I’m learning to spin. A few weeks ago I bought an old spinning wheel and I have a problem with it. When I try to spin, drive band falls off every minute. One woman who spins told me, that the flyer has a wrong position. I don’t know how to attach photos. Help me please. I really want to spin :frowning:

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When you click to the Edit or to the Reply button, a window opens. In the middle of the ribbon at the top is an up arrow. Click that and follow the directions to post a photo.
Our expert @mullerslanefarm will be able to help you I’m sure. .

Thank you for the answer.


‘Expert’ :blush: no, just another fiber enabler … but thank you.

Here is what looks off to me … the whorls aren’t sitting parallel with the drive wheel.


The bobbin is catty wampus so you’re throwing the band.

You need to get the bobbin sitting square across the drive wheel. Perhaps turning the near maiden around so the leather ‘ear’ sits on the other side might help?

I wonder if the near maiden is original to your wheel???

Thank you. I tried to turn the maiden with leather ear to the other side - it does not become parallel. I’ll attach the answer of one master to ask your opinion. I’m not sure I translated the technical details correctly, so I attach the original. It wrote me a woman who spins. Her husband is repairing spinning wheels. Should I do what she advised?

We have already solved such a problem.
Master the front of the flyers tilted to the left. To do this, he drilled a hole for the front swivel pillar at an angle beforehand by slamming the stopper into the available hole. Thus, tilting the front desk and turning his head.
It does not look very aesthetic, but it works.

Мы уже решали такую проблему.
Мастер переднюю стойку рогульки наклонил влево. Для этого он пересверлил отверстие для передней поворотной стойки под углом заранее забив пробку в имеющееся отверстие. Тем самым наклонив переднюю стойку и развернул голову.
Выглядит это не очень эстетично, но зато вполне работает.