Dressy toddler hats?

Does anyone know where I might be able to find a pattern for a dresser girl’s toddler hat? I’m not even sure what style right now as I don’t know what’s out there…I was hoping to be able to find some styles I could look at to decide. I would need a pattern for something multi-seasonal and not just winter gear. Thanks!

Maybe you could find one here.

This is the cutest pattern…it has ties that thread through ear flaps, and you can button up the ear flaps into the hat when it’s not cold. It was a little bit of a frustrating knit for me (I was a beginner when I made it and didn’t realize it wasn’t exactly a beginner pattern :shock: ) but I learned a lot of new skills from it!

Miss Dashwood

I love that hat! I am thinking about trying it out soon myself :thumbsup:

This looks like it could be made dressier…maybe in a lighter color and lighter weight yarn like Bernat Cottontots. You could add a flower…crocheted or artificial. Looks like an ideal basic, but fancy hat with great decorative possibilities.


Pixywhispers (Candace) made this precious little hat


which is a variation from this book

Knitting for Two: 20 Simple Designs for Expectant (and New) Mommies and Babies

Which you could get from the library, or even used off Amazon for $1.35!

Julie has made it in its “regular” version too…


Thanks for the ideas!!! These are really cute–just what I was looking for–but I am so intimidated to try double-pointed needles!!! I have no problem with circular needles, but I am scared to try the double-pointed ones. But if I learned how to knit on them, it would greatly expand what I can knit. :frowning:

cookworm: don’t be afraid…really…I just tried them about two weeks ago to knit a preemie hat and it wasn’t bad at all…the first few rows are a little akward but after that it is so easy! The only problem I’ve encountered is keeping the stitch where I join my round tight enough…it looks a little loose on the hats I made.

The lacy bonnet from Knittign for two is knit flat :thumbsup:

And if you’re truly intimidated by DPNs, take a look at Amy’s video on small diameter knitting with two circular needles. That’s what I do the vast majority of the time, and I :heart: it.

I’ve always thought this one was cute:


Can’t wait to see your finished hat! DPNs aren’t too bad once you get beyond the 1st few rows. Good luck!

if i had a girl, i would knit this one

nanonette, what a pretty hat. Love those dog photos at Jimmy Bean’s, too. KellyK’s hat would look pretty with that yarn, also.

I had a small hat knitted for me in angora and I loved it. I still remember how soft it was.


My older daughter (she’s 8) spied some pink mohair blend yarn in my stash and is begging me to make something out of it for her because it’s so soft and fuzzy! :wink:

Julie–that lacy bonnet is knit flat??? I would’ve never guessed that!!! I’m really excited about it now–I’ll have to track down the book.

I just finished making the ruffled toddler hat at http://www.knittinghelp.com/knitting/forum/viewtopic.php?t=8733 but tried knitting it flat and just seamed up the back because I wimped out about using the DPN’s. It worked pretty good. The hardest part may be to get my baby to wear it…she doesn’t seem to like wearing hats! I’m thinking about what I can do to dress it up a little…the crocheted flower sounded really cute, bjc1050; I may give that a try. Had I been more industrious and less lazy, I could’ve maybe put some pearl beads on it. That little ruffle on the bottom is just too adorable!

Nanonette, that hat is adorable!!! I may have to try that one too! My little girl will be such a fashion diva!

I know I will eventually try the DPN’s…I’ll get tired of seaming everything and will just say, “Why not at least try them?”, but until I get to that point, I’m a little nervous. I’m going to check out the video, though…thanks for the tip, Julie![/color]