Dress/Top for Violet

I whipped this little dress up for my friend’s daughter. I remember the mommy being just this size, and now, SHE’S a mommy. I ordered the beads from Shipwreck Beads.

:inlove: aww how precious and the top is too cute!

Very cute, so is the model.

Awww how cute!

I remember the mommy being just this size, and now, SHE’S a mommy.
I see this happening all around me, and I don’t know how it happens, being I’m so young. Lol

That is really a cute little top. You did some really cute things on it. Is that self striping yarn? The colors are nice and it looks soft.

The baby looks like the kind that grow fast. That’s good, very healthy. She looks very huggable. She has a beautiful smile.

so adorable (both the knitting and the child)

Merigold, the yarn is Bernat Baby Jacquard, and yes it is self striping/patterning. It’s a very fun yarn to use (my new favorite).

Thanks on the yarn. I recently bought 2 skeins of this yarn, one in blues and one in pinks. I don’t know what I’m going to do with it yet. :slight_smile:

Wonderful work Gramma! Love the dress, adore the baby!

So beautiful!

What a beautiful smile . She is adorable and the dress is super . I love that Jacquard yarn . :slight_smile:

Merigold, I have found that the cute patterning works best on small size projects - so there is time for the pattern to develop before it shifts phases to the next thing. Thus the baby dress. Also, knit in the round is good, so the stripes line up all the way around.

Oh, so sweet! You did a wonderful job. I’m sure she’ll treasure it.

Aww, the baby and the top are adorable!

Absolutely too cute!!! Great job!

What a beautiful child! Love the dress, but the baby makes it. :wink:

Both the dress and the model are adorable!

Like allways, you do such a beautiful items! :inlove: