Dress confusion

I am a little confused about row 24 for this dress (Pattern is so cute!) Anyway, it says "do Not turn, join to knit in the round, cast on one stitch k4, pm, k to end of row- Is the casting on for joining in round? because I usually cast on an extra stitch to join and then cast it off-

The stitch cast on (use the thumb cast on as the pattern recommends) is not part of the join in the round but is an additional stitch.
If you already have an extra stitch, you can join without the cast on of one but don’t work the join by casting of as you usually do.
If you want to work your usual join with a cast off of one stitch then make the increase of one by the thumb method.

That’s a very cute dress either knit in multiple colors or a solid yarn.

Thanks for clarifying! I think making a little dress is not meant to be, at least not at the moment! I have frogged more times than I can count! (Not just on this pattern!) I was on row 15 of this, and at the end I had 8 stitches not 7- I never made it to row 24!

Ugh, I’m sorry to hear that. Markers and lifelines are the only way I can do lace patterns. The markers help isolate the problem repeat and when all else fails, the lifelines are there as a fallback.

Sorry to hear you’ve had so many set backs.

I wouldn’t have been able to follow this pattern, it says join in the round and then continues with row numbers rather than round numbers, that alone would have totally thrown me off. I’d be scratching my head wondering if I go back and forth for rows or round and round for rounds. Very confusing.

Markers and life lines do help a great deal when one can understand the given pattern.

Will you give this one another go?

Maybe in the future, but right now I am working on my wips!

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