Ahhh, gotta love ebay…got this yarn it’s called “dreamcatcher”

It’s about 6 strands of thread together, acouple grey, turquioise, red, etc…awesome. I bought it for the name(yes im a dreamcatcher weaver & lover) the seller said that it’s handmade and any ebayers out there can purchase it as well as many other colors with seller >>life’s-an-expedition…cool stuff.

Here’s a pic, going to make a great belt or maybe summer scarf…heck i think i’ll even braid some & put one of my necklaces on it! :thumbsup:

Rhy :XX:

It is very pretty. Love the colors. It would make a beautiful scarf. Is it soft?

Pretty!! :inlove:

Nah, it really isn’t soft…it’s almost like a twine…but nice all the same.

Rhy :XX:

Love the colorway :smiley:


My LYS sells similar yarn on a large cone for scarves. I think they call it Mermaid. They also sell remnants (about the size of what you have) for $3. I have a collection of these that I haven’t figured out what to do with yet, but I am a sucker for the colors and some are even sparkly.


I think we need a whole separate section just for Yarn Porn. We can just scroll through pics and pics of yummy yarn!

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: I agree!