Draw stitches together

I have 4 stitches left on my needle and it says to draw remaining stitches together. With needle in left hand do I pull the thread from right to left or left to right. e.g. left to right stitches 4 3 2 1. Do I put the needle into stitch 1 or stitch 4.

What are you making? Do you have a pattern name and link? What part of the pattern is this?

It is a Jack Frost two needle mittens pattern that my Mother used to make my nephews, niece and daughter. I am trying to make for the next generation. The draw stitches together direction is for the top of the thumb and top of the mitten. I don’T know if I should put the needle in the stitch next to the working yarn, or put the needle in the last stitch and pull it through to the stitch next to the working yarn. Thank you very much for your help.

Ohhh okay. There are just so many patterns and instructions can mean different things in different patterns. Annoying, but you can see why it’s important to give as much info as possible.

In this situation it sounds like you are closing the end of the thumb and the fingers section of the mitten. Cut the yarn about 8-10 inches long and thread it through a yarn needle. Then slip it through the stitches and pull out the needle. Weave in the end on the inside and cut the rest. You may not need that length once you are used to doing it.

Does that sound like what you are supposed to be doing? I do that for tops of hats, too.

Yes that’s what i do too. I start at the last stitch and pull through towards the working yarn.

Ok, I confused by the two answers. As I am looking at my knitting needle in my left hand with the 4 stitches on it and the working thread at the point of the needle do I put the yarn needle in that first stitch as if i’m going to knit/purl or do I bypass to the 4th stitch and put the yard needle in the left side of the 4th stitch and then the 3rd, 2nd and 1st and that way they will come off the needle? Thank you for the help.

Bypass to the 4th stitch. It’s not going to make a huge difference either way.