Drape yarns questions

Hi :grinning:I was wondering if a person has to go by the drape of a yarn ?I have heard that animal fibers have less drape and you have to go buy plant fibers like silk,lace etc?is that true what do you guys think?:frowning_face:
The plant fiber yarns are kinda to expensive for me.:cry: can a person still get drape from animal fibers or does a person have to buy the other stuff? I only like buying less expensive yarn.:thinking:

I use plant based fibers most often; they are of a rather ancient variety called acrylic. :yum: I

My five seven year socks (still on the needles) are a wool blend. I Will finish them some day.

I have worked with cotton for dish towels and cloths. Very soft but no stretch. Can be hard to work with.

Silk is an animal fiber. Lace isn’t a fiber.

I would think Drape is affected as much by needle size and tension as it is by the fiber source.

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It really depends on the yarn…generally I’ve found softer yarns in general have a better drape. Silk and linen tend to have decent drape, but ive tried a few acrylics that would do fine as well. Try to do a decent size swatch ( maybe a little bigger than usual) to see how the yarn is as fabric.

Also, if you knit on a larger needle the knit will be a little looser and drape a little nicer. It might be tough figuring out the adjusted gauge if you’re making a sweater though. If you’re making a shawl or a wrap though I don’t think it would matter as much as long as you have enough yarn.

As for animal yarns vs plant yarns… You can get a lot of blends out there which might help your price point out. A wool blend with silk or viscose might be a little drapier than a plain wool but not as expensive as a pure silk blend.