Dragon Scale Washcloth

After mastering the 5th row of the pattern (for some reason I kept screwing that up) I’ve gotten this far.

It’s lovely, you are doing a great job!
I love the “mood lightning” photo :wink:

Very cool washcloth! I love the dragon scale pattern. I would feel very luxurious using it!

It is fun to see in the two different lightings.

It looks great.

Mama Bear

That is a great pattern for a bridal gift basket or house warming present.

The pattern is pretty! You’re doing a great job! Love it!

I love it. Where did you get the pattern?

What a gorgeous pattern! :inlove:


Looking great! Now I’m going to have to search my computer until I find my copy of that pattern!

Thanks to all!

I found the pattern in a book called Knitters Stash. The link to the company that published it is here http://www.interweave.com/knit/books/knitters_stash.asp They also list corrections for some of the patterns in the book.

Oh I love that pattern, so I had to look for a free version lol.

There is this one at Yarnpath, for a shawl. It’s gorgeous.


That’s beautiful! :inlove: I love that pattern.

Wow, lovely…I wouldnt’ be able to use it as a washcloth though…looks too nice…lol. Is the pattern really difficult?

Rhy :rollseyes: