Dr. who scarf on ebay?Is the picture Double Knit?

A lady was selling these on the internet and said that they were double knit.She charges over $90 to buy them. I thought with double knitting that there would be no wrong side??? Am I correct and here are the pics.:shrug:

that kinda looks machine-knit to me- but I could be wrong! (not that there’s anything WRONG with machine knitting, ya know- but it doesn’t look hand done to me.)

it is a lovely looking scarf- nice and long and all the right colors- does she have more than one? (wouldn’t want to be bidding against a KH pal!) I know I won’t have the patience to make such a long scarf with all those color changes myself…

i looked up the person on ebay, and she does say that they are machine knit.

and i am not sure if by “double knit” she means that it is actually double knit, or if she means it is folded over itself to make it double thick. it looks folded and seamed in the pic on ebay.

So would you really pay $90 for a machine knit scarf???

What would you pay for a hand knit scarf???

$90 just boggles my mind … I think that it would be worth it … but I can’t believe people pay it!:zombie:

LOL- it depends!! maybe! for an intricate hand knit item in a luxury yarn I’d pay more…

if it something I really want, and can’t ever see making for myself, what’s wrong with paying someone who does take the time and effort?

(and I’m thinking of asking for it as a b’day present- not a routine I’d buy one every month kind of thing…)

Seriously - nothings wrong with paying that much for something you really want - and besides, it IS handmade.

Every time I would use it - I would probably tell myself that I could have made it myself - and drive myself crazy. It is my own problem. :slight_smile:

those scarves are 15 feet long and 10 inches wide. they’re knit out of acrylic. i have actually priced the brown sheep nature spun yarn (100% wool) for the same scarf and it came out to be about $60 including shipping, so i don’t think $90 is bad if you don’t want to do the knitting yourself. those scarves take a LOT of time. you have to really want it to actually finish it.
btw, i was just looking at her description of the scarves, and she says they’re double knit to keep the weight as close to pure wool as possible. makes sense since acrylic does have some give to it.

i’m just thankful David Tenant doesn’t wear a scarf or my time lord loving husband would be demanding that I made him one.

Well, I wouldn’t pay $90 for a machine knit acrylic scarf, but I am sure that there are lots out there that would since A) they don’t knit or B) they don’t knit scarves or C) they are just fanatic about Dr. Who. :smiley:

i wouldn’t spend that… i have a Dr. Who scarf official knitting pattern from the BBC… you can find free ones online as well.