Dr. Phil: House of Hatred

Did anyone see the show?


[SIZE=5]"[/SIZE]Dr. Phil conducts a groundbreaking social experiment. Six individuals from different walks of life, with different judgments and prejudices live under the same roof in an attempt to break down the walls of hatred and intolerance. Gary, 26, is a white supremacist who hates all people of other races. B., 58, is an African-American woman who thinks all white people are “ignorant sociopaths.” Staci, 22, is a thin woman who thinks obese people are “disgusting blobs” and not people at all. John, 24, is over 600 pounds and hates skinny people. Christina, 22, believes all homosexuals are sinners. Tessa, 19, is a lesbian who hates straight people. Dr. Phil puts them to the test with assignments that force them to work together with their adversary. It doesn’t take long for hostility to break out, sending Dr. Phil over to the house, saying, “This has got to stop.” Will these guests learn acceptance, or turn on each other?[SIZE=5] "[/SIZE]

It’s a re-run. I saw it the first time it was on. Pretty interesting to see them progress in the house. I can’t comment cause I don’t want to spoil anything for ya. :wink:

oh, i saw it, i just wanted to hear your opinion.

I watched it for the first time, and honestly…all I could do was chuckle. An interesting social experiment, but least we forget the main purpose of TV is entertianment.

I didn’t see the show but I saw it advertised. It’s looked so… staged, so obviously made to be “entertaining”… I don’t know, I guess I don’t like it when tv shows take a serious subject and turn it into a circus. :shrug:

It sounds a little like Survivor or Big Brother. Yes, those shows are for entertainment, but they are also social experiments. As a social science major, I really find these interesting. Once people get comfortable with the cameras, they let down their guards. Very interesting…(although I didn’t watch this particular show).

Never saw so much as a preview… maybe not shown here? Not a Dr. Phil fan either way… BUT I do love Big Brother… JULY!

For sure, these social experiments are really interesting. I heard about a teacher who designed one based on eye colour. The experiment was done in a school in Montreal with fairly young kids and it was shown on tv. The class was segretated based on the colour of the eyes. There was a good colour and a bad colour. It’s remarkable to see the effect on the kids. Some kids in the “bad eye colour” group break down in a matter of minutes. Some other kids in the good eye colour group are fighting the teacher, saying it’s not fair, that they like the kids with the bad eye colour and that we shouldn’t do it to them.

Anyways, I guess I’ll have to see the show of Dr. Phil! :teehee: Hey if you guys think I HAVE TO watch tv and knit, I’ll do it. :rofling:

I saw the original run- I thought it was interesting, but very calculated and staged, and I don’t think anyone really changed their views of anyone else.
(I love Dr Phil- there!- my secret is out!!! LOL!)

I’ve not seen it. I will here and now admit that I am seriously addicted to Big Brother! Have seen it every season and am anxiously waiting for it to begin this summer! And, for some unknown reason I’ve also become addicted to the Chef shows! Ya gotta say…What’s up with Becka?! Seriously…I watch Top Chef, Food Networks Next Star and Hell’s Kitchen…I think I have a problem! So I admitted it to all of you, LOL!!! FYI…I don’t cook, either, LOL!

yes watch it and tell us what you think about it! i comes on next monday at 8 pm eastern time (i live in central so for me its 7)

Well I think the whole thing is manipulated for the entertainment value, but it was interesting to see them interact with each other. I don’t really have much of an opinion really.

The whole thing is several episodes long. Have you seen them all?

SEVERAL episodes?!?!! i only saw the 1st one!:shock:

I just saw the first one. I was kind of disappointed that he got perfect stereotypes to share the house. I guess I’m speaking of the overweight man, and the skinny girl. I happen to know that there are many overweight people who keep thier house clean, and shower. Why couldn’t one of them have joined the group, so the skinny girl could see that she was wrong about them. Instead, he purposly got the man who won’t shower or do his part of the work. It seemed to me that all he did was prove her, and all others who think like her, right.

I’m sorry to go on like this, but I hate the way overweight people get treated by society, and nobody seems to realize its just another predjudice. I have a sister, who is a big woman, but I’ve never met a harder worker, and you can bet, she’s going to keep her body, and her house clean. She doesn’t have a lazy bone in her body, but most of society would look at her, and just assume she’s a lazy, dirty person, without even knowing her.

I don’t know why I said all that. Please ignore me if I’ve offended. I don’t dislike thin people, so please don’t think I was saying that. It would be just as wrong of me to assume they’re bad people just because they’re thin, as it is for society to judge us (my sisters and me) based on how much we weigh…So please don’t think I was saying that.

Hey jdee, I didn’t see the show but this is kind of what I feared. In a sense, taking the worst possible examples defeat the purpose don’t you think? I think we all have to work on tolerance. We probably all have a little bit of prejudice towards certain groups. But if we compare ourselves with the worst, we will think there’s nothing wrong with us!

Anyways, don’t worry I’m skinny and wasn’t offended whatsoever by your comment! :teehee: I don’t know why there is so much “judging” in our world. Overweight people suffer from a lot of prejudice, it’s very true. But believe me, no matter in what “category” you belong to, people will find a way to criticize you somehow. :rollseyes:

Isn’t it the truth. I’m so glad you weren’t offended.

Yes, normally, I like Dr Phil, but I must admit, I don’t know what he’s trying to accomplish with this one. I guess if I did, I’d have the psychology degree. :rofling: I hope these people do learn something from this. I guess if they didn’t want to be there, they wouldn’t have agree to it.:shrug:

i agree, the people they choose are VERY extreme, especially the racist ones.

oh, i just thought of something, do you ever watch “Beauty and the Geek”? thats a social experiment, too, but it gets on my nerves sometimes because they only pick people who fit stereotypes. not are smart guys have no lives and not all pretty girls are stupid!

I think they should turn [I]Beauty and the Geek[/I] around and do it with smart girls and handsome boys. That would be MUCH more interesting.

I was thinking the same thing!

ETA: :think:hmm, but i don’t think the guys would appreciate being called a “beauty”!:teehee: