Is it ok to use DPN’s like I would use a straight needle??? :shrug: I don’t know if thats a silly question but I found a pattern for a size 2.5 needle and the only ones i come across are DPN’s

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I don’t really know, but I would think that if you used two dpns, that if would be the same result as with straight needles. Just knit off the two of them regularly. Hope that helped.

I think the only problem would be that DPNs aren’t very long and you wouldn’t have enough room for all the stitches. This could also cause the stitches to fall off the end you’re not knitting with.

that’s true didn’t think of that…what I was thinking though, if the project is small enough, is that she could place some of those point protectors on the end of the needles to keep stitches from falling off. Maybe…

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And if she doesn’t have point protectors, she could take a small rubber band and band it tightly around the points at the “bottom” of her needles to hold the stitches on!

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You guys are awesome. Thank you so much for your suggestions!

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Another good idea! Good thinking! :thumbsup:

I don’t have any straights. I was silly when I got started a couple months ago and bought a set of double-points. I use point protectors and everything works out just fine.

Sure you can use dpn’s instead - they are the same size…but yer sts. may try to slide off one end!

From a technical point of view there should be no reason that would prevent you from using multiple DPNs as if they were single straight needles. Cast on as if you were circular knitting but do not join the circle. Take the loose DPN and start at one end and knit the first needle. Once all the stitches from the first needle have been knit you would more to the second DPN, and on down the line. At the end you would turn the work and knit the WS.

Technically a 2.5 mm DPN should the same stitch as a 2.5 mm straight. However, from a practical point of view I would be afraid for stitches fall off and the work flopping around as I worked on the active needles. Using point protectors or rubber bands at each end of the non-working needles.

I use DPN’s ALL THE TIME!! Its just easier to use them on smaller projects. Dont have the long straight needles getting in the way.

So Millie, I am curious - what are knitting with them?

Yeah, I’m curious too. What’s your first project gonna be?

Well I am 4 1/2 months pregnant with my first baby and i wanted to make little booties. I found a really simple pattern that i can try considering I am such a new knitter. I am working on my first project ever. It’s a scarf. It’s giving me really good practice holding the neddles and working with the yarn. After that, it’s on to my babies booties.

I intend to post a picture of the scarf when I am done with it to get your opinions.

Thanks for asking and thanks for all you tips. You guys are awesome.

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Perfect for booties! I got a whole set of small circulars for my birthday, so my DONs are now short straights to keep in my purse or small bag for small projects. They’re easy on the hands and don’t poke people when you KIP on a bus or train. Point protectors are fine. If you never plan to use the needles as straights again (or if one point is damaged!) you can hot-glue some nice beads on the non-business ends.


Thank you sweetie! Thats very nice of you!

I love DPNs for knitting little things.
I found a sweater ornament pattern and I used my DPNs. 14sts is just not enough for me to go and dig out a big pair of needles.