Dpns - sock vs std?

I was adding my needle inventory into Ravelry and they have two categories under dpns (in all sizes): sock and std. I always thought a dpn was a dpn :shrug: Anyone know what the difference is? I’m not so picky that it really matters to me in adding in my needles, but now I am curious :??

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Well I guess it could be thickness, as socks are less commonly knitted on thicker needles, but I would guess that sock DPNs are a different length, in American standard terminology, than ‘standard’ DPNs? Maybe a bit shorter? With the many many different lengths DPNs come in I do think that it’s a bit pointless… or difficult.
Like maybe hat size, just slightly longer than sock, is the ‘standard’ in US language?

Thanks for the input Redwitch. That could be it. Just the first time I ever saw those terms applied to dpns. I tried googling but didn’t come up with anything…I hate mysteries :roflhard:

knitpicks has a set of dpns just for socks. they’re 6" long instead of 7" or 8".
yep, it’s on my list, too. :teehee:

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I really like the shorter length for knitting socks. It’s nice that we have the choice.

yeah, sock dpns are typically shorter than regular dpns. you sometimes see them even about 4" long. I just grab whatever size I need and never even pay attention to the length. :shrug:

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Well, thanks everyone for clearing that up! I never really paid attention to the length either - just the size. Now I’m “in the know” :slight_smile:

Thanks! I needed that answer as well! Much appreciated!