DPNs questions

I just started practicing using DPNs, watching Amy’s video.

Um, this is a really stupid question, but is the work supposed to be “coming up at you”, rather than below the needles, as you work along? I mean, I am getting perfect stockinette stitch; but it’s um, above the needles, not hanging down below them.

Is this normal? Am I doing something backwards?

Also, since I don’t do Continental, I have to be very careful where my working yarn is as I move to each new needle, not to accidentally create an extra stitch. Is this a common problem with newbies-on-DPNs?


I don’t know if it’s normal, but that is the same thing that happens to me too!


Thanks! I am not alone. :stuck_out_tongue: Let’s see if we get any other feedback here. I am soooo new at this. Just started this afternoon!

When you get a couple/few rows done, just push the work down into the circle formed by your needles, with the Vs facing the outside. :thumbsup:

Your work should at some point be going down. Make sure you’re knitting the side facing you, closest to you. Sometimes people make the mistake of knitting on the side farthest away and end up with an inside-out project. When you knit in the round, either on circular or dpns, you’re working on the outside at all times.