DPN's question

Hi again all! Ok, so I’ve decided to give DPN’s ONE more go – I’ve actually managed to cast on, divide the stitches, and work the first round!! does a little happy dance LOL So I put the needles down (because I went to a tupperware party and spent more money… teeheehee) and now that I’ve come back to them I’ve confused myself.

  1. I forgot where I left off at first, but I’ve worked that out now.

  2. If where I left off was correct, I’d have to start my next stitch on the wrong side. Does that make sense? for example, when knitting on straights I always knit from right to left (ie the first stitch I knit is on the right end of the needle and not the left end)…

So do I start knitting on DPN’s from the right end of the needle or the left? I know this probably sounds crazy, but I don’t want to continue only to find out I’ve done it all wrong because chances are I’ll get discouraged and feel like giving up. LOL Thanks!

Right to left, just the same as with straights.

A couple of DPN hints:
You have to work the next needle on the left, knitting right to left as usual. (Like on a circular, if that helps.) The needle you’re working is close to you, the others away. Try to keep the first stitch on each needle tight or you’ll get “ladders”. And it sometimes helps to use a marker to tell when each round begins. (I place it between the 1st and 2nd stitches.)
Don’t quit! DPNs are great. once you get used to them, for all sorts of little projects!

You might also check to see if your work has been turned “inside out”. That may help.

Haha… Um… oops. I had turned the needles upside down and was looking at them from the wrong way (if that makes sense). As soon as I turned them back around, suddenly I could see where I needed to keep going. Hehe… :oops:

I won’t give up. I might want to poke myself in the eye with them at times, but I won’t give up! I’m determined to learn to knit on DPN’s!!! :??