Dpns - pattern says to skp....please help

New to circular knitting here…I’m working with 4 dpns and the pattern for one of the rounds has me stuck:

K1, yo, K2, K2tog, skp, K2, yo - 4 times

Here’s the problem, I have 36 stitches and when I get to the “2nd time” and I’m at the “skp” I only have ONE stitch left on the current needle…how do I slip it and then knit the first stitch on the next needle and then pass the slipped stitch over. I know this has to be simple, but I can’t wrap my brain around it.

Any help is much appreciated…I have been searching the web with no luck. Thanks!!!


Hi! :waving:

There’s something I’m not quite getting that has to do with simple arithmetic (not my best subject!) but it’s a puzzler.

You say you’re working on 4 needles? Are your stitches arranged on 4 needles and you knit with a fifth needle or are they arranged on 3 needles and you knit with a 4th?

If you’re working on 3 needles then you’d have 12 stitches on each yet the pattern seems to indicate that you’ll be creating only 10 stitches each time you work the stitches on each individual needle. But that would mean you only have thirty stitches total.

Could it be that your count is off when you start that part of the pattern or am I missing something basic?

Good luck with this. Let us know what you determine!

Happy knitting,

Ruthie :knitting:

Move that st over to the next needle, or not, it doesn’t matter. Slip the st, knit the next one and psso. The new st will be on the R needle, then change to your empty one. You don’t have to absolutely keep the exact number of sts on your needles all the time, especially where there’s decreases.

Thank you both! Suzeeq - that was the part my brain wasn’t getting…that you don’t have to keep the exact # of stitches on each needle as you go…thank you!