DPN's Making Fingerless Mitts and need help with the thumb opening

Hey everyone!

I am working on a project and my pattern is telling me to work in a round with dpn’s (4 total) and to do the thumb it tells me to work back and forth then to go back to working in a round. I am confused by the transition and can’t find anything to help me out. Hopefully you pros can help me :wink:

here is sample

work in round till 5 in long

row 1 WS slip one and purl to end
row 2 WS slip one and knit to end

continue 9 rows then start round again.

Can any one help??

Thank you!! Jenny :knitting: :heart:

To work back and forth it means that you’ll be turning your work and working on the back or inside the mitt, turn and work the front or outside. Do this for 9 rows. It will end up leaving the thumb hole.

Thanks so much for replying, Jan! I tried turning it back and forth but the pattern had a weird change to it and it wasn’t smooth. Am I supposed to be turning the work inside out when working it? I am completely confused. Does anyone have or know of a video showing this process of switching between round and back and forth?

I’ve done this before and there’s really no special trick. You knit across, then either turn it inside out or just kind of purl across the back (inside). It will be a little awkward. I’d just purl across myself.

Which stitch is weird? The first one? I suggest you just keep going. Sometimes they even out when there are more rows. Is there a thumb added later?

Do you have a pattern name and/or link?. It helps us help you because there are so many patterns with little variances.

I wish i would have taken a picture of what happened when i tried working it but i took it out to start over.

Here is a link to the pattern:

i guess the part that hangs me up is when i come to the transition. I just finish my last round and i am not sure where to stick my needle…if i flip the piece to work inside my yarn is on the left side not the right…is this a continental pattern or isn’t there a difference?

Okay, that’s what I thought. It’s stockinette so it’s just like I said. If it’s the first stitch that’s weird you can skip slipping it. It is just a thumb hole so that might be better anyway.

No difference between continental or English other than which hand you tension the working yarn. The results are the same.

If you knit across and turn the yarn has to be there. When you turn just flip it right over and start working on that same end.

I really appreciate your help Jan but I tried it again and i guess I am going the wrong way because when I finish the first row i have twisted stitches. I guess i am going the wrong way?


can you bring up this pic?

It looks like you’re twisting the purl stitches maybe. Are you purling correctly? Check the video section and make sure that is correct.you could be inserting the needle into the wrong place or wrapping it incorrectly.

If you are you can correct this next row by knitting into the back of the stitch. Then wrap the pulls properly on the next row.

Thank you again for all your help and suggestions. Although, I really like the pattern I have been toying with it for almost a month now and haven’t completed a single mitt =( I think I am moving on to a more simple pattern until I can find someone to show me the transition. Too bad you’re not closer, Jan!! haha =)

No, don’t flip it inside out. When you get to the point where you’re to turn, just turn it around so the WS is facing you and do the WS row. When you get to the end, turn again and do the RS row.

This is fine. When you start a row knitting flat the working yarn [I]is[/I] on the left needle. Pick up the yarn and start purling back. You can do it with or without flipping the mitt inside out. If you work without flipping, instead of knitting as usual with the resting dpns in your lap and the working needles nearest you, you’ll have the resting dpns near you and the working needles farther away.