DPNs---I think I finally get it!


I’ve been trying to make my first sock and couldn’t get past the cuff. I have been having such a rough time with the dreaded ladders! I checked out all the info I could find on here and just kept going. I was getting really frustrated last night when suddenly I just “got it” I don’t know what changed but I kept going and everything seemed much more natural and my ladders were [B]much[/B] smaller. I was afraid to stop and go to bed because I was afraid it was a moment in time and I would wake up and not be able to do it again. However, I picked it up and I still “got it”!! Yeah. :happydance:

Now I’ll have to see what happens when I get to the heel!! If I ever get it done I’ll be sure to post a pick.

That’s awsome… it is such a wonderful feeling when something just clicks. Happy knitting.

When you get to the heel - just follow the directions. It doesn’t make sense till after you make your first sock - just trust the pattern and the steps in making the heel. It will feel awkard at first but will work out. I do recommend that when you get to that step - to be able to work on it for awhile with little/no distractions or interruptions.

Looking forward to pics of your finished socks.

Hi, L! :waving:

You are a STAR! :yay: It’s so very well done that you persisted through the confusion and figured it out!

Teachermom’s right - you really understand socks best when you’ve done one.

My first pair looked like a train wreck!!! Since then I’ve improved dramatically and love to knit socks. My family are lining up for theirs!

But I kept that first pair and now sleep in them on cold nights. Of course, they’re a little big and I tend to wake up in the morning with them loose somewhere under the covers, but slipping them on at night is just so comfortable! By the time they slip off my feet I’m already asleep and don’t notice! :slight_smile:

So good luck and let us see a picture of your finished pair!

Happy knitting,

Ruthie :knitting:

Make sure to watch the video on turning a heel before you start. The instructions sounded like a foreign language or something til I watched that video.

Wow it is a great feeling getting to do that first sock. I was there so long ago now but I still remember that feeling. It is a great feeling to say I got it. Don’t let the heel get to you as teachermom says follow the pattern. It sounds crazy but in the end it turns the heel and once you do for the first time it will give you that wow again. In fact it is the part of the sock I love doing is turning the heel. I always have one on the needles when out and about.
So keep on going it will be the best part of the sock . Then on to the toes. :slight_smile: