Dpns...different lengths?

Do dpns come in different lengths? All of the ones I have are the same length but I was at one of the LYSs a few weeks back and saw the littlest dpns I’ve ever seen…maybe 2-4 inches long each??? Were they dpns for baby socks or something???
I was working on my socks a few minutes ago and thought…you know, this would be easier if dpns came in different lengths…I guess I just haven’t learned to manipulate all of the needles around so that they are comfortable yet. I’m pretty quick on them but the first few stitches and the last few stitches on each needle are a little cumbersome b/c the next needle in line sort of gets in the way.

they do…i have some that are four inches and found that i thought they were too small for the mittens i was making. i switched to a 6 inch i think it was and they worked much better.

only time i have seen the varying lengths though was at my LYS as far as i can recall.

so what’s considered standard? Is there a recommended length for socks?

I have heard different opinions on the dpn length for socks. I am using 6" ones. I took a sock class at my LYS last weekend, and the teacher said that the 6" ones are easier to use because the extra needle length doesn’t get in your way, like if you were using longer ones. One woman at the class was having a hard time keeping her stitches on the needles, and so she switched from 6" ones to longer, and said it was easier for her- she didn’t worry so much about losing the stitches. I like the 6" ones. I haven’t seen smaller ones, though. I’m not sure what you’d use them for. Fingers on gloves, maybe?

All my sock needles are 5". That seems to be perfect for me. And crazy as it sounds, I love knitting on little biddy needles. 0, 1 , 2, 3. Love 'em.

Gladys in Michigan

I like to use 5" or 7" for socks.

I have 6" Inox dpns that are my fave for socks, but I also have some that are 7" & 8" in length that I use bc that’s what I have @ the moment. But, since u mentioned it…I need to change those longer ones to 6" :smiley:

do you like the INOX ones? I’ve thought of trying them but never have…

I really like the Inox dpns. I have both the steel & the aluminum (I think), the shorter of the 2 are the aluminum (again, I think it’s aluminum) with some type of coating that just gets smoother with each use until the yarn glides nicely on the dpn. I haven’t done much with the steel dpn (8") bc I normally use the 6" ones.

I love the short dpns. I have two pair that are wooden, both German brands and they are my favorites. I just found a little very flexible plastic pair that I am making my sandal socks on. They are a little too flexible, I think, but not hard to use. I have lots of my mother’s old dpns and they are all long. I keep trying to use them but they are awkward compared to my short ones. I find they get poking my left hand. samm

The vast majority of my dpns are 7". I do have a set of Bryspuns which are significantly longer… 9" maybe? :thinking: I’m not happy with those because they are so long. A girl at my SnB had a set of Bryspuns that must ahve been 4 or 5", and those look at lot easier for socks IMO. I’d love to get my hands on a set, but they aren’t carried locally anymore {the LYS that I bought mine at is closing, and not ordering any stock at all}. When I’m making socks, I think I’d like a shorter length for my sockweight ones… I find the needles a tad too long. When I made DHs socks out of WW, the 7" length was perfect.

UPDATE!!! I bought three sets of Brittany dpns today–5 inch. I LOVE THEM! I knitted my socks I’m working on onto them and it’s been sooooo much faster! :slight_smile: I drove 25 miles to get these dpns and it was SO worth it!!

I just love my brittanys. I have 2 sets of straights that are really nice, too. Very smooth (smoother than bamboo) with really nice points. I haven’t had the need to find out, but I hear that if one breaks if you contact their customer service they will replace them free of charge. Can’t beat that deal.

wow, that’s awesome. I’ll keep that in mind! I was a knittin’ fool last night after I got those needles!

:heart: :heart: :heart: brittany needles (sigh)!!

:smiley: I’m glad u found the dpns that u like :wink: