DPN's are not that hard!

I have had them for a while and I finally decided to start working with them. The first time or two I could not wrap my brain around it but it has clicked for me! I am making the Buggy Mitts from Morehouse Merino and this is how far I have come since last night

I am wanting to go to a LYS for my bday coming up and I want to finally look at the malabrigo and I want to buy some fingering weight to try and make some socks soon. I will be taking advantage of Silver’s Sock Tutorial for that but is does anyone know of a good simple sock pattern that I could try afterwords?

Welcome to the DPN side! I love dpns and want to use them for all my circular knitting. Yes, I’m crazy.

Anyways, LionBrand has a simple sock pattern based off of their Magic Stripes sock yarn, you can find the pattern for free on their website or you can get it on the back of the ball band of a ball of Magic Stripes (there’s enough in a ball for a pair of adult socks).

Also check on the Free Patterns section of the site, (look at the tabs up top) and click on the sock link for a lot of free, easy patterns. Myself, I’m doing the impossible socks, except I’m just doing them in straight up stockinette, and cuff down instead of toe up (because I hate the figure eight cast on). They’re really easy, just tiny.

Anyways, I’m so glad you discovered the joy of dpns! :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

I finally got the hang of DPN’s this past weekend. Before that I would pick them up every few days, end up with a bunch of knots and quit. All of a sudden it clicked and I haven’t looked back :slight_smile:

Congrats :cheering:

Hey, I just made a wool soaker out of that same yarn! :slight_smile:

I tried to teach my mom to use dpn’s a couple weeks ago when she got to the top of her hat (she was using circulars)…I showed her how to do it, she said she got it, then went home to finish the hat. When she got back the next day, there was a weird looking I-cord sticking out of the top of her hat! I was like, “Mom! How the heck did you end up with that?!” She showed me, and it turns out she was knitting from the wrong end of the needles! :rofl:

I fixed it and finished it for her, and she’s on her second hat now, so we’re hoping she “gets it” this time around. :teehee:

Anyway, all that just to tell you great job! I used Silver’s Sock Class and just finished my first ever pair of socks for the Sockintine’s Sock Swap. Her instructions are absolutely awesome. I’m not sure what socks I’m going to knit next, but I’m thinking I’m just gonna find a pattern that I like and go for it. Good luck! :slight_smile:

Sensational Knitted Socks has a ton of patterns. I used one of the four-stitch patterns, combined with Silver’s tutorial, to make my first pair of socks.